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Meet Differently

We care about your health and well-being and we also understand your meetings and business events need to continue. Don’t stop meeting, just Meet Differently. Talk to us about your meeting and event needs to discover new and safer ways of meeting.
Place Borneo introduces to you six Meet Differently ways!
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Meet Outside The Box

Meeting in an enclosed space or high traffic area may increase risk of infections. Meet Differently by choosing exclusive venue buy outs, different meeting layout, remote locations or unique meeting spaces. Talk to us to discover the best location and orientation for your event.

Drink Responsibly

Food and drinks preparation for your event is crucial to minimise risk. The old ways may not suffice now, you need to Meet Differently. Source food locally, choose practical food serving methods and insist on high hygiene practices. Talk to us on ways food and drinks served at your event can be exciting and still protect your attendees.

Go Virtual, Or Go Home

Yes, we know the virtual world could be quite intimidating. But virtual meetings are here to stay and we need to Meet Differently now. Don’t reel back from it but talk to us and find out how virtual elements could increase your audience size, engagement and sponsor benefits.

Three’s A Crowd

Having a sizeable meeting may have been a measure of success before, but now, we need to Meet Differently. Resize your meeting, spread your audience or just re-engineer your meeting format. Talk to us for more options to increase attendee confidence while still encouraging networking.

Nature Calls

Why confine our meetings within four walls? Meet Differently. We have an abundant of green and scenic outdoor locations where meetings can be held. Remote locations away from the hustle and bustle. Not just safer for your attendees, away from the crowd, but also gives them a breath of fresh air (literally). Talk to us to discover awesome meeting locations.

Be Picky, You Deserve It

We understand the economy isn’t at its greatest right now and everyone’s affected (so are we). Therefore, let’s Meet Differently. Tell us what you need and we can provide you a la carte services to help with key areas of your conference without breaking your budget. Win-win!