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3 Things to Do for Your Business Instagram Account

Instagram has become a platform that is more than teenage selfies and lunch pictures. Averaging more than one billion users per month, it is a powerful marketing tool to reach and engage with your audience. It is one of the most effective platform for tourism marketing as it focuses on visual materials.

As tourist destinations are beginning to reopen, it is high time for the industry to amp up on marketing strategies aimed to attract potential visitors through the use of Instagram. According to Hootsuite.com, 81% of people use Instagram to do research on products and services. From stunning landscape photos to the latest addition of Reels where you can post short but high-quality videos, there is no shortage of potential marketing tools on this powerful social media platform.

In this article, we will share with you three things that you can do for your Instagram account, not only to increase traffic but to convert your social media followers into customers.


Setting up a business account in Instagram is free, assuming you haven’t already got one.

So what’s next? Write a killer bio, or short biographical write up, for your profile.

You see, your bio sets the scene in establishing your business presence on the platform. It tells people who you are and what you do. Plus it is also what people will go back to after scrolling your content when they are learning to trust you for your products or services.

You can read more about Instagram business bio here.


Social media marketing now is all about YOUR AUDIENCE, not you. How does it benefit them in one way or another? While engaging with them through the social media, do they gain something? Did they gain enough that they finally turn into your customers?

Meaningful things you can post as your content:

  • Storytelling
  • HOW TOs or TIPS
  • List of places one can visit that is unique to people’s preferences
  • High quality pictures of places of attraction to evoke positive emotions
  • motivational quotes

#3 Build a community

In this age of physical distancing, mixing both human and technological means in communication will be detrimental in encouraging positive perceptions to build trust and interest.

With this, engaging with your audience is a sure way to stay connected with them. This goes beyond merely posting high quality contents. Audience needs to know that there are real people whom they can trust when they decide to use the service or purchase products. After posting contents, be sure to reply to comments and do follow-ups immediately after inquiries are done. Going live is also a great way to interact with your audience and to understand more about them.

You can also do cross promotions with other business entities. By engaging with others, you are widening your social media reach, which means more potential customers! You can co-host a live discussion with a different company or show how your collaboration can benefit not only you and your collaborators, but your audience as well.

Instagram – a great marketing tool for tourism marketing

With more travelers expected to come in the following years, it is not too late to do something for your Instagram account. Not only will it provide good exposure for your business, but having a lively and engaging Instagram account can also establish loyalty among your existing customers.