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TuesdayTalk LIVE

TuesdayTalk LIVE by Place Borneo is a platform for ideas and knowledge sharing about Business Events (BE) in particular and about business and management in general as well as lifestyle topics.
1st EditionBusiness Events: Business Impacts & Recovery Ideas for Industry Players Post COVID-19
Discussion on tips or ideas for recovery plan for 2020 and 2021.
2nd EditionAssociations Meetings & Events: Impacts from COVID-19 & Moving Forward
Discussion on possible solutions or interim measures for event or associations administration/operations
3rd EditionInterview with Samuel Kim: Author of ‘How Leadership Can Be Taught’
Discussion and sharing of ideas on what leaders can do restrategise and reengineer their business and team during this difficult time.
4th EditionPerspective From BE Partners Around The World
Learn how our counterparts in other countries are doing and what their recovery plans are for the furture.
5th EditionThe Future of BE in Malaysia
Sharing on market outlooks and trends of the Business Events industry in Malaysia and their plans for business recovery.
6th EditionTechnology Is The Future For Events
Sharing on how event technology is not just a fad to feed into the current craze for online events and teleconferencing but is a powerful event tool to maximise service delivery.
7th EditionBusiness Events Outlook from Singapore, Thailand and Australia
Sharing on market outlook and trends of the BE Industry in the region.
8th EditionInterview With Datuk Dr Christopher Lee: An Infectious Disease Physician
Insights from the medical perspective on business events.
9th EditionWorking From Home Done Right Featuring Molood Ceccarelli
Discussion on how to execute Work From Home management for your business.
10th EditionGig Economy: The Future of Work
Discussion on how the current situation could further evolve the Gig Economy culture.
11th EditionPersonal Branding: Figure Out Your Brand
Cultivate your personal branding skill for business, job prospects or personal development the right way.
12th EditionTourism: Perseverance During A Crisis
How our local tourism players are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to the tourism new normal.
13th EditionRecovery Branding for Tourism
Discussion on recovery branding strategies for our local Tourism Industry.
14th EditionThe Future of Food and Eating
The ever exciting topic on food ad our eating habits now and in the future.
15th EditionUnleashing Your Creativity
Talking about ways to release your creative juices and being more productive.
16th EditionMental Health in Chaotic Times
A discussion on mental health issues in times of chaos.